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About Sanna Sessions

By deepening contact with ourselves and our relationships, as well as raising personal and collective awareness, we create a better world.
How can we support each other into an expanded consciousness & increase our capacity to feel, enjoy & love in our lives? Our vision is a world where we live in line with our deeper longing, our nature instead of old patterns and impulses.


I met Sanna in my quest to deepen on my personal development joourney. I participated in, and then hosted, women’s weekend retreats she led in New York, and had the pleasure of private sessions with her as well. She guided our intimate group on a journey of self-discovery of our and each others’ bodies and minds that unlocked experiences I didn’t know were possible. Sanna’s imprint stayed with me, and was powerful enough for me to share with others. I will be counting the days until she is back in NYC!       –Christine, New York

I go regularly to Sanna. This is my therapy that supports me in my daily life. I feel like a newborn every time.

I feel so beautiful and grown up after this womans retreat. It was like meeting myself and others in such direct way, honest, softly and naked, without building a relation, without attaching wires. It was like diving deep into something/someone that melted together so naturally beautiful.

We are very grateful for this support and opportunity to grow in a deep and also playful way. Sanna is a great, well experienced support and we trust her and our intuition. We recommend you to try!
– Tim & Sabina

It was a beautiful session. It started a detox cleanse in my body that last for a few days. Nice with a cleance
– Janna, Yoga Teacher

It was a very powerful experience 
– Carl, Sthlm

I am totally tumbled around! I can not put words on this experience. This was amazing. Thank you. I mean, I just take the rest of the day off. I will go out and eat a sandwich. On that level it is. Who am I? I am deeply touched, completely tumbled around.
– John, Sthlm

I had never expected this quality !! What opening gifts and access to so much energy!
– Charlotte

Thank you for how you help me to let go of control and expand beyond boundaries I never thought I could pass. I will gladly come back.
– Peter

What a journey! This was like a yogasession, a massage and a delivery at the same time!
– Marianne, Sthlm

I was just on a session with Sanna Björkebaum and this is one of my three best experiences in my life!
– Charlotte, New York

When I give birth to my daughter I wish to be able to show her what womanhood and femininity is. Not only in the obvious practical stuff around menstruation and sexuality, but how we find the feminine in the beauty, dance, depth, loving, forgiving, pleasure and sensual. I want to tell her that it is qualities allowed to live with, breath through and how we are worthy to shine all of it from within. So even/also with our sisters.

Honestly I think this process is exciting and I notice how I am slowly dicovering a way to relate to myself, others and to what I feel. That I notice what I feel in a new way without to much thoughts around it. I have started to stop short moments during the day to just notice my experience. That is really good! I come back soon!

Thanks for an unforgettable day! You are so obvious/natural in your leadership. You are a gift for humanity! Thank you!
– Tine, Coach & Teacher

After giving birth it means so much to be able to reconnect with my whole body again. I feel like a new person!
– Annika, Sthlm

I have been to so many therapists and bodyworkers and no one works like this. You are a talent! I am so impressed! I feel so seen. You were really spot on all the time. Wow! This was not the last session I come to you. My friends will also come! Wow! Thank you so much!
– Julia, Sthlm

I am blessed to have received three sessions with Sanna so far and they were far beyond my expectations. In each session, Sanna was totally present with me, using her intuitive gifts to deeply feel my body and find exactly the areas where there was tensions from years of storing unfelt feelings in the body. She could even sense what thought-patterns or emotions sit behind the contractions and gently but persistently supported me to release them one by one. Her deep presence and open-hearted nature really encouraged me to relax and trust deeply, letting go of my fears as I surrendered to the touch of her magic hands. I recommend working with Sanna to everyone. You are so worth it!
– Nadja, Berlin

You and Bruno are amazing. You two have given me new perspectives. Many people disappear in their own personal development, joining something or following someone. You two are so free in yourselves that you show me how the life-force energy is really in ourselves and you are experts in pressing that button, the button for freedom. I see how everybody own their unique development and path, how everybody is so beautiful when they dare to be who they really are. I am so satisfied to have realized that all forms of personal development is just maps on the way and can be ripped apart later on. Thank you Sanna how you live up to your name! You are really true (sann in swedish). I am looking forward to next course!
-Participant from a mixed course with Sanna and Bruno
– Jacob, Sthlm, participant on Livskraft in Jämtland

Sanna, I had a tremendous breakthrough. I cannot thank you enough. -Robin, New York

To dare being who we are in our sensuality, vulnerability, hornyness, in our EVERYTHING. That´s feminine power!

Thank you! It feels great right now. I feel relaxed and happy. I have just learned how to breath myself to full body orgasms now. Remarkably. At the same time they dont feel so sexual, but more without a focus on both sex and erection. So thanks! You made me feel comfortable in a pretty uncomfortable situation. I have some practice to let go of shame to do there.

Sanna helped us to come back to vulnerability, playfullness and passion together during our babyfree weekend in Stockholm. We recommend all parents this!
– Joakim & Linda

My whole life I have searched for, tried a lot of things to let go of my control. This is the best I have tried so far! I recommend Sannas sessions.
– Andreas, Director, Sthlm

Sanna met me with a lovely presence, calmness and trustworthiness. During the session with present guidance I was able to express my emotions for once and with a strong support from Sanna. I left the session with a grounded calmness and a new approach to my body and sexuality.
– Jacob, Karlstad

For the first time of my life I had no PMS, after my first session with Sanna. An enormous release! I hardly believe it’s true!
– Eva, Sthlm

As I have a physical work I have tried many bodyworkers to lose up tensions both muscular and emotionally. Your session was the best so far. With your power and presence you reach totally different depths. I am very grateful and would love to come back!
– Simone, Actress

I am so greatful the session and how you meet me. It opened doors in rooms within me which have been at pause for a long time. I forgot to put my glasses on the morning after, but suddenly I could see on far distance like I don’t use to. I could suddenly read the signs!!! I haven’t used my glasses the whole week now. I want to book a new time.

Training Courses, and Experience

Some courses and educations that Sanna has taken part in an experienced.

Free Dance Teacher

With Amelea Bång, Jonas Klingberg & Mona Edwertz; Whole Year 2007

Massage Therapist

Swedish School Of “Kinopractice”, Sthlm 2008

Intuitive Massage

With Marina Sjöö, Continuing Mentorship

Cranio Sacral Therapist

With Pernilla Forsberg 2008

Human Awakening

With Astrid Brinck in Sweden & Chile 2010

Nature Medicine, Project Manager Education

Biskop Arnö collage, Bålsta 2010-2011

Human Alchemy Living School, Family Constellations

With Astrid Brink & Siam Carlos In Sweden, Spain & Chile 2011

Ängsbacka Course Center

Lived, worked and participated in all festivals and smaller workshops for three, long and very full, comprehensive sommers and more.

Zen Coaching

With Kåre Langfald

Tantra, level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 1, 1, 2 and Womens work

In Stockholm, Oslo, Ibiza, Denmark 2013

Music Psychology

Uppsala University 2013

Positive Psychology

Mitt University 2013

Sex – A highway To God 1 & 2

With Johan Ekenberg, 2013

Nature medicine, Project Manager Education

Biskop Arnö College, Bålsta 2013-2014

Medium Education

With Maria-Therese Agerhill, Mithera. 2013-2014

How The Ego Works In Relationships

Weekend Course With Paulien Van Ellen, 2014

Sex – A highway To God 1 & 2

With Johan Ekenberg, 2014

Tantra, Level 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and Womens Work

In Stockholm & Ibiza 2014

Osho Primal Therapy

With Bella, Osho Meditation Center, India 2015

Expand Beyond Duality

With Nukunu, 2015

Shaman Ceremonies

With Victor Cronstedt & Annelen 2014, 2015, 2016

Tantra, Level 9 & 2

In Holland & Sweden

Johan Ekenbergs All Tantra & Couple Courses From 2016

Assisting & Mentorship In The Art Of Guiding Groups In Intimate Processes

David Deida 3 Days Intensive


CORE Energetics
Psycotherapist Education

Bodycentered psycotherapist Training 2018-2022 in Holland, including therapy and supervision

Earlier Assignments

Copperhill Mountain Lodge and SPA, Åre

Developed and guided Movement Meditations in water, After Ski Yoga and massage sessions at Copperhill SPA.

The Swedish Church

Held meditative dance and movement classes in christian youth camps in Åre and Sundborn.


Did assist doctors and body therapists in their combined work with MS-clients.

Swedish Church

Leader training for youths.

Bergslagens College

Weekly group in free dance for students

Ljungkile College

Workshop med dance, meditation and open space

Ängsbacka Course Center

Responsible for external lodging
Guided meditations and yoga

Sexibilityfestivalen, Ängsbacka Kursgård

Held workshops and gave private sessions

International Circling Festival, Holland

Guided workshops in tantra, de-armouring and private sessions together with Marisol.

Johan Ekenbergs All Sex & Couple Courses

Assisting, leading and mentorship 2016 – 2017.

Wild Surrender

Held weekend courses for women in New York 2016 & 2017 and in Los Angeles 2017

Stockholm Kundalini Yoga Center

Held an evening workshop at Annki Warbergs womens program.

Ängsbacka Course Center

Held workshops at the worlds biggest Tantra Festival 2019 with over 900 people in total.

Do you have ideas of co-creations or contacts to communities where these activities could be an inspiration in the future? Connect with us!