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Upcoming courses, retreats & events currently offered by True Sessions. Sign up for a course using the contact-form or send an e-mail to Would you like to book a lecture, course or workshop for your all ready existing group? Warmly welcome to connect with us here!

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Read more about the different private & couple-sessions offered here.
Use the calendar to schedule a session. Sessions take most often place in Stockholm.
If you want to book a session in Jämtland, Gothenburg, Holland or any Other place Contact me here.

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Private Session
2 hours – 2000 SEK
90min – 1500 SEK

Couple Session
2 hours & 30min
3000 SEK

South of Stockholm City:
Skärmarbrink Subway station, 10min from Stockholm City, 5min walk.

When you book a session you commit to the sceduled time and to pay a fee of 600sek if you cancel within the 3 days before your appointment.

More information & precise address will be given when you have booked your session.

Warmly Welcome!
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