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Group Courses & Retreats

Our courses provide the space for deeper contact with yourself that enriches your life experience from within. Together we have the opportunity to develop in the meeting with ourselves, each other and a new place. It is both fun, challenging and profoundly nurturing. We discover the possibilities of ourselves and of life again! – At all levels and always from you, wherever you are. Want to participate? Sign up for a current course. Have an idea for a course? Contact Me.


A Women’s Weekend of Sisterhood, Soulwork, Healing, and Feminine Practice with Sanna Björkebaum. A deep wild surrender together. This course is for those who long for more of yourself, your expressions, your unique qualities and gifts as a woman. It is both a luxury and a pure necessity for us women to create rooms for Women Only. This weekend is not about becoming something or someone. It is about opening the whole package of you, showing what’s in there and learning how to use that as your gifts for your partner and to the world. There is a great potential and a deep longing to support each other as women. Wild Surrender has been held several times in Stockholm, New York and Los Angeles.

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Tantra courses

Tantra courses for both women and men who practicing to embody their mediation and become 100% responsible for their own life and happiness. For people who long to experiencing more love and freedom in their lives. A great possibility for you to experience yourself deeper together with others. Sanna are guiding groups with a lot of fun, basic simplicity of being a human and connecting to our depths within, together. Read more at TantraStockholm.se or see upcoming events below.

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Sanna björkebaum gives talks in english or swedish about diffrent subjects. You are welcome to ask her directing a talk in the way fitting your group or event.

Examples; Body Wisdom, Connection, Women’s power, Meditation, feminine and masculine qualities ect.

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Dancing from Within

Tantric contact-improvisation. With dance and body movement we have fun and explore a new way of relating to our bodies, our expression and ways of moving through life. We increase our body awareness and open up to our innocent play or expressions often held back. A meditation in movement. A deeper trust to your natural movements from within.

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Water Movement

This was created at a top of a mountain, at Copperhill Mountain Lodge SPA, where these water meditations became popular. We move in water, play with resistence and sensuality in a smooth meditation. We free our bodies and still our mind in this beautiful meditation in movement. We surrender and let us be held of the water. Perfect as a pause in your conference or part of your retreat if accessibility to a pool or a lake.

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