Powerful Living, Full year program for Women
All day long
21 Sep 2019 to 22 Mar 2020

Become more aware, alive and powerful with my new body-oriented psychotherapy tools. We will work physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally to release more energy to the part of you who wants to live a pleasurable life and act consciously with clarity, here and now.

The annual program is for you who is a conscious woman and is ready for a deep transforming journey for even more consciousness, inner freedom, pleasure and power. At the end of the year, you will have increased your body’s ability to feel love, enjoyment and confidence in your innate potential and your authentic being, regardless of the journey of life.
You will also find greater awareness of how you give your love, relate and how you strengthen or give away your power.

Together in a group of only women, we practice the sisterhood that is currently changing the world.
– One sisterhood ~ Many leadership –

Autumn – Deep, therapeutic, transforming process
Winter – Silence, writing, spirituality and meditation
Spring – Trust in your authentic being, Expression of your and the group’s qualities and potential

WOMEN’S Full Year Program
HT 2019-VT 2020

5 WEEKENDS at Mahmita Sthlm, Lörd-Sön
– 1 Private Session Body-oriented Psychotherapy at Sanna Björkebaum
– 1 Online Meeting with Meditation
– Homework with support

21-22 Sept 2019 – Intention, sisterhood, become a group
19-20 Oct 2019 – Transformation, Shadow Pages, Body Psychotherapy
12 Dec kl. 18-20, 2019 – Online Meeting, Conversation, Spirituality & Meditation
18-19 Jan 2019 – A healing process around intimacy and being a woman, body psychotherapy, power & plesaure
22-23 Feb 2020 – Self-Confidence, Pleasure, Inner Potential, Power, Your Light
21-22 March 2020 – Trust in Life, Your Creative Vigor, Your Purpose & Your Spiritual Guidance

SEK 14500 for the whole year (can be divided into SEK 2650 per weekend module and SEK 1250 for private session). The prize includes all 5 weekend modules, a private session at Sanna, an online meeting, support throughout the year, simple and powerful home assignments. Registration for July 14 only SEK 12500 for the whole year (can be divided into SEK 2250 per weekend module and SEK 1250 for private session).

Write an e-mail to sanna@sannasessioner.se, tell us a little about yourself, your history and your intention. Sanna returns to you with a paper to sign. Swisha 1800SEK in registration fee to 0706917904, which is reduced from the entire price and is not refunded in case of cancellation.

During the weekend modules Core Energetics Body-oriented psychotherapy, meditation, meetings, physical exercises, breathing exercises, conversations, touch, acupressure, profound healing and transforming processes are used.


Leads and guides with a lot of experience, intuition and sensitivity. She has 11 years of experience in guiding people in transformative processes, of which 5 years she worked on this full-time through private sessions and to lead groups, mostly in Stockholm, but also in New York, Los Angeles, Chile, Östersund and Gothenburg. She has so far inspired over 1500 people with her courses and sessions. Among other things, she is the initiator and organizer of the Stockholm Tantra Festival, which attracts several hundred people every year. Right now she is educating herself as a body-oriented psychotherapist in Holland (5 years) and developing her work after that. Read more about Sanna at SannaSessioner.se.

I look forward to this journey in presence and love. A love and presence that has the ability to heal everything!
And we do it together! <3 / Sanna