Naked Love – Intimacy in Relationship
All day long
06 Mar 2020 to 08 Mar 2020

WEEKEND 6 – 8 MARCH in Stockholm

Welcome with a partner with whom you want to deepen your intimacy.

This weekend will train you for intimacy and contact in a primary, intimate relationship like a yoga for your heart, body, consciousness and soul. Also there will be opportunities for therapeutic processes if there is interest for that within the group.

We will work with simple, powerful tools that support the deep contact, love and intimacy we all long for, but which we sometimes lose in our closest, intimate relationships. How can we create more understanding, awareness, security, integrity and relaxation to authentically be ourselves and enjoy life in our closest relationships?

After this weekend you will be able to harbor more love and desire in your bodies.
Maybe your concepts of what love and sex are will also expand into larger perspectives.
In a safe community you will get to meet and talk with other couples and share each other’s experiences.
You will experience what it is like to live closer to yourself, your partner and allow it to spread like ripples on the water in all your relationships and throughout your life.

We will explore in theory and practice
What is love and contact?
To be 100% responsible for your life and your happiness.
How do we create more security and relaxation in the relationship to our sexuality and our ability for deeper contact and intimacy? How the vitality of your body interacts with your physical, emotional and mental health, as well as your spiritual path.
Self-love, to come home to the wisdom of your heart in depth.
Discover the paths which support you to connect in depth

Some of the methods we use are Bio Energetics, Inquiry, Breathwork, Authentic Relating, Tantra, Yoga, Meditation, Body Oriented Therapy, Talk and Lectures.

: Mamita Sthlm, 29 Vikingagatan, Stockholm
TIME: Friday 18-21, Saturday 10-17, Sunday 10-16.30
INVEST: SEK 3250 per person, SEK 2900 if you register before 6 Feb.
REGISTRATION: E-mail to Sanna@sannasessioner.se and SEK 1000 (registration fee, non-refundable) Swish to 0706917904, mark with Name and course. Limited number of seats.

Dressed course. Own responsibility.
You will be securely held and lovingly challenged.
Everyone is involved in their own integrity.

My name is Sanna Björkebaum and I will guide this weekend course. I have many years of experience guiding people in vulnerable and powerful transformative processes in their personal development. I work with couples, individuals, groups and have inspired and supported over 1500 people on their way of life in recent years, in Sweden and abroad. I organize, among other things, the Stockholm Tantra Festival with +500 participants twice a year. Read more about me at SannaSessioner.se.
I very much look forward to this intimate and heartfelt weekend with you!

Welcome to your application!

/ Sanna, with assistants