Tantric Temple Party Retreat
All day long
18 Oct 2018 to 21 Oct 2018

Warmly welcome to this very special temple-party-treat-retreat!
This retreat is a deep celebration for the love and the life pouring through you and for everything that you are.

“My soul and your soul are very, very old friends”
We believe in the healing that can happen when we chose to love.

For you who long for a retreat for yourself (or as a couple) to merge with nature and developing your grounded, authentic truth through tantric meetings with yourself and others.

Are you someone who practice the yoga of self-love and long to mirror your soul in others?
Are you into spiritual practice, living a fulfilling life and want to celebrate it with others?
Do you long to refresh your daily life bubble with new meetings and insights?
Do you want to be inspired by others how to upgrade your way of living?
Do you want to meet conscious, mature, childlike, raw, fun people and be yourself with?
Would you like a safe container for your full expression-experiments?

This retreat is for you who have a lot of experience from personal development and tantra.

Place: Beautiful Skeppsudden
Find the way: www.skeppsudden.com
Date: 18 of Oct 06.00 pm – 21 of Oct 04.00 pm.
Investment: 4250sek included good food and lodging. Early Bird 3950sek if registered before 14 of Sept. Upgraded lodging possible. Connect with Skeppsudden.
Register: E-mail to Sanna@sannasessioner.se and 1000sek to swish 0706917904 mark with course and name. Write shortly about yourself, your experience, your needs and your longing.

For you who trust yourself and the divine deeply and know in you gut whether you shall be here or not.
For you who are able to take responsibility for your boundaries, needs and love to learn from your life-experience.
For you who have a tantric experience of life and find your sexuality as a relaxed part of yourself.
For you who long to rest deeply within a supporting group, just being.
For you who want to party fully, crazy, sober, deeply relaxed and including Everything you are.
For you who want to practice playing with life, sharing your beauty and dressing up more then ever.
For you who love to choose life and have realized it is going on now.
For you who longs for a good sauna by the sea, silence, meditation and a fresh, deep boost.
For you who needs the best party of the year or a deep retreat on your CV.
For you who know the dance and yoga of creating magic, beauty, play with energies, heal, serve, hold space, dominate, surrender, trust your calling and stay close to your heart.
For you who long to develop and share your unique magic gifts and special qualities.

Calm down, direct deeply, embrace all, heal, come home and shine like crazy.

Tantra Stockholm Team

We will hold space for you holding yourself.

Sanna Björkebaum
Sanna leads popular 8-week courses in tantra at TantraStockholm, which attracted 100 participants this year. She is the initiator of and organizes the Stockholm Tantra Festival, which this year was filled with 300 people, with both Swedish and international leaders. Sanna has organized and facilitated Deep Surrender women´s courses a few times in New York, Los Angeles and in Sweden. She gives sessions privately and for couples in body psychotherapy, intuitive massage, coaching, de-armouring, hypnotherapy and breathing therapy at SannaSessions. Over 1000 people have so far taken part in her inspiring work. The driving force lies in the passion for the possibilities of the simplest and longing to see more intimacy, naturalness and simplicity in the world.

Sanna is a woman of wild nature, Nordic simplicity and deep intuition, devoted to trust and giving birth to creativity. Her deepest passion right now is to inspire women to support each other with radical selflove and holding space for the subtle, sensual yoga of deep intimacy and artful lovemaking.

Paal Christian Buntz
Paal is the founder of The Wildman, where he holds Masculine Empowerment Workshops.
He is passionate about exploring deeper levels of consciousness to find deeper self love and having compassionate relationships to others. Love is the greatest force known to humans and the second is sexuality. By consciously embracing them and daring do own both our masculine and feminine power we can become a more conscious human being. Deep brotherhood is the essence of his work and supporting men to connect deeper to their intimate partner and live their life purposes.

Paal is a certified integral sexologist, tantra teacher and bodyworker. He is holding workshops and giving tantra massages to women, men and couples. He is passionate of the healing aspect of tantra/sexuality. He is creating a safe, consensual space and at the same time keeping the sessions fresh and alive. Paal is a certified coach (NLP/The Journey) and have taken advanced initiation courses into shamanism. Read more at Wildmanprogram.com