In connection with your depth
we support your growth
with compassion.

We recommend that you both book a respective private session and a couple’s session, as all relationships are like these three units.
Start with what feels safest for you and your relationship.
Indeed! Those who come to complement their counseling have often replaced it with our sessions that include both talk and body therapy. The tools we use lead many deeply in touch with old emotional memories and beliefs. Many people will find more ways of expression, understanding, reconciliation and ability to relate to themselves. We experiences that the body and somatic experiences is extremely important in all healing work and think it should always be included in therapy.
Participants are approximately between 23 and 60 years old. Often the importance of age disappears during this kind of work. We all have an ageless place within ourselves and always a lot to be inspired of from all kind of people. Nothing is ever pushed on to you in any way.
My experience is that everything is connected on many levels and the physical body is a great reflection of that. Emotionally, sexual, mental, physical, spiritual. We all have our wounds and blockages. I work with you as a whole connected to the whole.

Many people comes to my sessions over a longer period of time. In the beginning the biggest focus is on therapy, blockages on a physical, mental and emotional level. When I experience a person more stable and in balance I am willing to support the body for ways to open the kundalini-energy.

The kundalini-energy is a name for life force energy, chi or sexual energy that arises from the sacrum up the spine and down on the front side of the body. It can when it is as strongest fully take over the movements of your whole body moving itself in ecstasy or full body orgasm. Most people that comes to my sessions and really want to meet themselves, do the work and come for a period of time experience their kundalini awakening. In this way many people do not experience the kundalini-awakening like anything greater then what they already had experienced on the way there. It becomes more like a bonus. On our mixed courses we work with this as well.

There are faster ways to awakening the kundalini which I have stopped because of the risks (psychosis etc.) when you do it more fast and forcefully.